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Welcome to Gokul Agro Resources Ltd.

In a world of competitiveness and quality there is perseverance and excellence which can make a company sustain and grow. GARL a certified ISO 22000:2005 company thrives for the quality and execution of what it produce and offer to her customers across the world. GARL today is India's one of the prime processers and manufacturers of various Edible & Non Edible oil and allied products. Our product range consists of all the major Edible oil consumed globally and among the Non-edible segment we are one of the largest Castor Oil producing companies. We cater to the Feed Meal industry of the world by supplying them our high quality meal of Soybeans and at with Castor producing unit we produce high quality Castor Meal which is an Organic Fertiliser by itself. With wide range of customers of diverse and multicultural beliefs we are present in more than 20 different states of a large country like India with a remarkable brand presence. GARL with its globally renowned customer base and through the excellence of the quality products we cater a large customer base across the world in many continents..