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Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility [CSR]

For GARL group, corporate social responsibilities and activities practiced towards the welfare of its all stakeholders are beyond firm’s economic benefits. GARL has implemented CSR activities and strategies in their daily business which has made them to sustain in this global competition. Corporate social responsibilities practiced at GARL involve social, economic, ethical and legal responsibilities towards the business and its stakeholders to create a positive workplace environment for the employees.

Health SafetyA dedicated management team has been put in place to work towards the prevention of untoward incidents at the corporate and unit level, besides educate and motivate employees on various aspects of health safety. We have initiated programs to improve the quality of life in areas surrounding our manufacturing unit by spreading awareness of best practices in health and hygiene.

Water and Environmental safetyWe are also continuously monitoring waste generated in our manufacturing unit in adherence with the pollution control norms. In pursuance of its commitment towards the society, efforts have been made by us to conserve and maintain ground water level. The efforts include rainwater harvesting which has delivered encouraging results and has put the company on the path of becoming a water positive corporation. Finally, water scarcity is one of the biggest crises facing Kutch area. Water management has been a focus area for our company and has been made one of the key performance indicators of our factory at Gandhidham.

Nutrition – We provide physically refined oil that retains maximum antioxidant, making it suitable for every type of cooking. This Oil contains high monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acid, which is advantageous for the human heart. The oil supplied is rich in vitamins, minerals, and potent acid chains that work therapeutically to the health. This oil comes up with as much as 90% potent values that makes it as one of the best vegetable oil in the market. It has a compound that can strengthen the immune system which boosts’ the body’s immunity against the opportunistic infection. The use of this oil relieves arthritic pain, it is ideal for treating hair loss, acts as a good constipation reliever, works well in hair darkening and promotes hair growth as well, castor oil works as an excellent disinfectant too. The Oil delivered contains triglycerides. The lipid profile is divided into three essential fatty acids. Which includes oleate, ricinoleate and linleates all of these acids have potent effect for reducing cholesterol level in the body.