Richfield Diamondfor PUFF PASTRIES & KHARIS
  • Gives outstanding patty height
  • Excellent layer separation
  • Produces crisp, lighter and flaky puffs and kharis
  • Delivers mouth-watering taste
  • Comes in a block form in 5 equal slabs
  • High plasticity for easy application
  • Lump-free, ensures uniform distribution
  • Spreads easily to ensure even layering
SKU: 15kg (bag in box)
Richfield Silverfor PUFFS & KHARIS
  • Gives outstanding quality to puffs and Kharis
  • Gets flakiness and good patty height
  • Excellent mouth-watering taste
  • Lump-free and helps make the dough firm
  • Excellent plasticity
  • Good spread ability
SKU: 15kg (bag in box)
Richfield Goldfor PUFFS & KHARIS
  • Great layer formation
  • Makes puffs lighter, flakier and tastier
  • Delivers golden-brown glossy finish
  • Gives outstanding height to puffs and kharis
  • Lumps-free, ensures uniform distribution
  • High plasticity for easy application
SKU: 15kg (bag in box)
Richfield Premiumfor COOKIES AND BISCUITS
  • Bake crunchy and high-volume cookies and biscuits
  • Melt-in-the-mouth experience
  • Releases added flavours that give special taste
  • Keeps cookies & biscuits tasty and fresh longer
  • Consistent spread ratio
  • Delivers better yield per batch
SKU: 15kg (bag in box)
Richfield Superfor COOKIES & BISCUITS
  • Gives cookies a better shine
  • Gives crispiness and a great feel
  • Helps cookies stay fresh longer and gives them a just-baked experience
  • Special bite with added crispiness for international feel
  • Creams nicely and gives an even structure to the cookies and biscuits
SKU: 15kg (bag in box)
  • Crunchy feel with melt-in-the-mouth quality
  • Keeps cookies and biscuits fresh longer
  • Better spread ratio for consistent yield
  • Aerated, thus reduces mixing time
  • Ideal melting profile for even spread
  • Aeration makes creaming easier, blends well with sugar and flour
  • Aeration provides high-volume for light creams and long-lasting freshness and colour
SKU: 15kg (bag in box)
Richfield Classicfor BISCUITS & COOKIES
  • Excellent dough binding properties
  • Higher shelf life.
  • Ideal melting point gives enhanced quality and better experience while eating
  • Keeps cookies and biscuits fresh longer
  • Great reworking properties of cookies
SKU: 15kg (bag in box)
  • Gives better shine to the product
  • Makes the product creamy with sharp melt profile.
  • Improved shelf life of the finished product
  • Suitable for bread, biscuits, frozen desserts, choco-paste and deposited candy in confectionery
  • Made from low melting and trans-fat-free vegetable fats
SKU: 15kg (bag in box)
Richfield for CREAM BISCUITS
  • Melt-in-the-mouth experience
  • Gives rich texture to biscuits
  • Enhances the texture of cream
  • Ideal for all cream biscuits
  • Helps keep biscuits fresh longer
SKU: 15kg (bag in box)
  • High-volume icing for increased coverage
  • Melts in the mouth, ensuring added flavour experience
  • Premium and glossy white, brings out the added colours better.
  • Aerated, so gives high volume in reduced time
  • Ideal melting point that ensures no palate cling
  • Gives that fresh look for a longer time
SKU: 15kg (bag in box)
  • Gives good fluff
  • Better spreadability and plasticity
  • Provides better texture
  • Ideal for premium khari, puffs and pastries
  • Enhances product shelf-life
SKU: 15kg (bag in box)
Richfield for CHOCOLATES
  • Good substitute for cocoa butter for compound and moulded chocolates
  • Flawless mould release
  • Enhances flavours and texture consistency
  • Gives melt-in-the-mouth experience
  • Adds shiny texture
  • Ideal for all chocolates
SKU: 15kg (bag in box)
Richfieldfor PREMIUM CAKES
  • Delivers high volume cakes, more cakes per batch
  • Gives cakes a soft but firm crumb structure for that rich and moist feel
  • Produces cakes that stay fresh longer
  • Incorporates higher ratio of added liquids
  • Used as a functional and less expensive butter replacement that provides both richness and stability without jeopardising the flavour
  • Rich source of heart healthy unsaturated fat
  • Whips well to deliver better creaming
SKU: 15kg (bag in box)
Puffpridefor PUFFS & KHARIS
  • Provides richness and stability to the product
  • Gives high volume and crispiness
  • Spreads easily between the dough
  • Plasticised smooth, granules free, gives texture and feel to the product
  • Ideal for institutional users and bakery products manufacturers
  • Economic solution of all bakery applications
SKU: 15kg (bag in box)
  • Ideal for all types of bakery product
  • Gives rich texture
  • Helps in giving good dough height
  • Gives flawless consistency
  • Helps in effective binding
  • Affordable quality product
SKU: 15kg (bag in box)
Biscopridefor COOKIES, BISCUITS,
  • Higher shelf life
  • Delivers mouth-watering taste
  • Great crispness
  • Great reworking properties
  • More value for money
  • Creamy and grain-free
  • Made from selected vegetable oils
  • Whips well to deliver better creaming
SKU: 15kg (bag in box)
  • Economical to use
  • More value for money
  • Suitable for bulk applications
  • Binds all ingredients together well
SKU: 15kg (bag in box)
  • Economical to use
  • More value for money for bakers & halwais
  • Ideal for bulk manufacturing
  • Blends with ingredients well
SKU: 15kg (bag in box)

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